the echoes of death ring clear

about me

hey folks! the name's Scrap. i'm a queer crippled mad archivist vulture (among other things). i do a lot of work on archival projects of various kinds, i think a lot of insane thoughts, and i exist in a manner that many find to be confusing and dissonant. and i like bones! i'm an amateur vulture, i collect, clean, and build relationships with all of my own specimens.

about the site

i'm using this site as a way to document my projects, provide some resources for other vultures, present my various musings on the ways in which working with corpses interacts with other aspects of my life, and to just overall have a good time. feel free to contact me if you'd like to see me post something in particular or would like me to attempt to answer a quesiton. everything i say here is based on my own experience unless stated otherwise, so please do take all advice with a couple grains of salt.